Posted by: olymponomics | January 18, 2012

London’s ‘perfect traffic storm’

The INRIX Traffic Congestion Report for this summer has warned of the stress that will be put on the London road network during the Olympic Games:

Londoners will face increased traffic congestion of 33% and core routes will slow to just 12mph in late July and early August. The first three days of the event pose the greatest risk of traffic troubles.

INRIX suggest that “people travelling on the Core Games Network should plan for at least 20 minutes more for their journey”. These findings are in contrast to the claim made in the London bid dossier that “during the period of the Games in August, travel demand is consistently down by as much as 20%. That will leave ample scope and capacity for the 5% additional demand generated by the Games” (London 2012 Ltd., Volume 3, p. 99). Indeed, one of the feasibility studies for the London bid back in 1997 highlighted Britain’s lack of a “culture of mass vacations in a small time space” leaving it limited scope for alleviating “the perception of overcrowding which continues to dog the public transport system” (David Luckes, London Olympic Bid Feasibility Study: A report for the NOC Meeting of May 28th, 1997, p.3).


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